A Change of Direction

With two days to the middle of the year, I’ve decided it’s time to reassess what I want to do with this blog.

I started out, about eighteen months ago, writing posts debunking the arguments of global warming contrarians (you can find all those old posts here). However, in the past year I have transferred this effort to the Skeptical Science blog started by John Cook (you can find links to my Skeptical Science posts here), and Planet James was petering out. So now I have decided on a new role for Planet James from now on.

While I will continue to write about climate science on Skeptical Science in a politically neutral way, on Planet James I’ll be mainly blogging about climate politics in Australia. Now is a critical time, perhaps our best hope of getting meaningful government action, and I want to have my say.

In the past I wrote long and detailed posts that were few and far between. Now I intend to write posts that are shorter, sharper, more frequent, and to the point.

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