Greens’ Scott Ludlam slams Abbott government

With a Senate re-election coming up in Western Australia and the Greens proving a more effective opposition than Labor, Western Australian voters should familiarise themselves with their Greens Senator Scott Ludlam. If Ludlam is re-elected, it could prevent the Senate from falling into the control of Tony Abbott and Clive Palmer’s parties.

Last Monday, Ludlam made a speech slamming Tony Abbott and his Liberal/National Coalition government. Ludlam spoke softly in an almost empty Senate, but the video of his speech has gone viral online. It’s had 677,000 views on YouTube, been shared by non-Greens voters, and made headlines overseas, with comparisons to Julia Gillard’s famous “misogyny speech” (though Australian political commentators have, predictably, ridiculed Ludlam).

Some choice quotes:

Recognise that you are standing in a place where the drought never ended, where climate change from land clearing and fossil fuel combustion is a lived reality that is already costing jobs, property and lives.

Every time you refer to us as the ‘mining state’ as though the western third of our ancient continent is just Gina Rinehart’s inheritance to be chopped, benched and blasted, you are reading us wrong

It looks awkward when you take policy advice on penalty rates and the minimum wage from mining billionaires and media oligarchs on the other side of the world-awkward, and kind of revolting.

Just as the reign of the dinosaurs was cut short to their great surprise, it may be that the Abbott government will appear as nothing more than a thin, greasy layer in the core sample of future political scientists drilling back into the early years of the 21st century.

The fact that your only proposal for environmental reforms thus far is to leave Minister Greg Hunt playing solitaire for the next three years while you outsource his responsibilities to the same Premier who presides over the shark cull has been noted.

People have been keeping a record of every time you have been given the opportunity to choose between predator capitalism and the public interest, and it is bitterly obvious whose side you are on.

Even the internet is turning green, ‘for the win’. Geeks and coders, network engineers and gamers would never have voted Green in a million years without the blundering and technically illiterate assistance of your leadership team.

Prime Minister, you are welcome to take your heartless racist exploitation of people’s fears and ram it as far from Western Australia as your taxpayer funded travel entitlements can take you.

We want our country back.

Below is another recent speech by Ludlam, about transparency and accountability:

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  1. Very impressive speech from Senator Scott Ludlam. Thank you and well done him.

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