1. It ignores key implications of climate change science

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Although the Government professes to acknowledge the science of climate change, its policy ignores the full implications – in particular:

  • Human-caused global warming is more evident than ever.
  • Increasing extreme weather is already costing Australian lives.
  • There is mounting evidence that atmospheric CO2 levels have already reached a tipping point for amplifying feedbacks.
  • The world’s present course leads to an unimaginably catastrophic >4°C warming.
  • The impacts will almost certainly outweigh all other attempts to make a better world.
  • Most of the world’s fossil fuel reserves must be left in the ground to prevent 2°C warming.
  • Stabilizing the climate requires extremely urgent and rapid cuts in global greenhouse gas emissions.

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    • Spookinthemist on 10 February 2014 at 17:07
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    Compliments on lots of content; sadly it is only opinion and hot air at that(no references to a wide variety of scientific contention/hypothesizes_science is dynamic). Should we leave what nature laid down in the earth alone? Many would disagree by their actions. And would you, from right now stop using completely everything derived from that?

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