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Australians are increasingly dissatisfied with the political establishment. I argue the problem with politics is not democratic government, but undemocratic corporate control of government. I believe only the Greens can fix Australian politics, because only they seek to break the stranglehold of the fossil fuel industry causing the climate crisis. The anti-politics mood can no longer be ignored. Therefore, the Greens and we who support them need to do more to emphasize our opposition to the political establishment.

I developed this theme in a series of posts in October 2013:

  1. Australian election reveals anti-politics attitude (laying out evidence for the attitude and speculating on its causes)
  2. We need a green populism (arguing the green left needs to distance itself from political elites)
  3. Time to demand a real climate policy (discussing how we should communicate about climate change and what policies we should demand)
  4. Discrediting neoliberalism (about debunking the neoliberal ideology of the political elites)
  5. Courting conservatives (considering how to communicate climate change to conservatives)
  6. Delegitimizing the Abbott government (discussing how the Greens can run a strong campaign by undermining the legitimacy of the Abbott government, creating memorable slogans, and mobilizing the community)

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