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Targets Review

The Australian Government’s independent Climate Change Authority (CCA) is conducting a review of Australia’s emissions targets during 2013-2014.

In this blog post in February 2013, I wrote that the Review failed to recommend strong action.

In this blog post in October 2013, I wrote that the Review’s Draft Report fails to recommend strong action.

In this blog post in August 2013, I commented that it looks like the Review is shaping up to be disappointing.

In May 2013 I wrote a submission in response to the Issues Paper released in April. In my submission I deconstruct Australia’s present approach to climate policy, which I see as avoidant, and advocate replacing it with an activist one. You can read a summary of my arguments in this blog post.

In an earlier series of blog posts in March 2013, I explained why the review is important and outlined what I think its recommendations should be:

  1. The global climate crisis (summarizing the global climate crisis)
  2. Politics (explaining the importance of the review and how CCA should approach it)
  3. Australia’s role (outlining the role Australia should play in climate action)
  4. Economics (debunking the economic justifications for inaction)
  5. Emissions caps (making my central recommendations on emissions caps)
  6. ETS design flaws and pitfalls (making recommendations on the design of the carbon price mechanism)
  7. Complementary measures (arguing for and suggesting some complementary measures)

I intend to continue blogging about the review as it progresses through the coming months.

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