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Jan 12 2013

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I am flattered to have been nominated by thepoliblog.wordpress.com, a blog about politics and society, for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thanks, thepoliblog! Here are the rules for accepting the award: Display the award logo Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post State 7 interesting things about yourself …

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Sep 28 2012

Good Arctic sea ice pic and vid

I’ve already blogged about the record Arctic sea ice melt. The following picture and video further illustrate the point. This graphic from the Australian Conservation Foundation shows what the Arctic melt would look like if Australia was melting: Note that Arctic sea ice volume has declined even more dramatically, with four-fifths disappearing in the 34-year …

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Jul 09 2011

Roundup of Carbon Tax Leaks

On Monday it was announced that the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee’s negotiations were sufficiently advanced for the full policy to be announced at noon tomorrow, followed by a Prime Ministerial broadcast at 6:30 PM. The MPCCC has reached agreement, and independent Andrew Wilkie (who is not on the committee) has indicated he will support the …

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Sep 25 2010

Skeptical Science posts

I haven’t been posting very often recently, and one reason is that I’ve been busy writing for another climate blog called Skeptical Science which, unlike mine, actually has a readership. Skeptical Science is run by John Cook, and basically the core of the site is an increasingly comprehensive database of rebuttals to the arguments of …

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