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Mar 09 2013

Caps Review Part 5: Emissions caps

This is the fifth part in a series about the Caps and Targets Review being conducted by the Australian Government’s independent Climate Change Authority (CCA) this year. Part 1 summarized the global climate crisis, Part 2 explained the importance of the review and how CCA should approach it, Part 3 outlined the role Australia should …

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Mar 08 2013

Politicians right to rebuff business lobby’s scheming

Yesterday the Australian Industry Group (AIG) called for “all sides of politics to support the immediate removal of the fixed price carbon tax and move directly to an internationally linked emissions trading scheme”. A transition to an emissions trading scheme (ETS) is currently scheduled for 2015. AIG CEO Innes Willox wants Labor to make the …

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Jan 16 2013

Liberals Part 3: False crimes of a climate crook

This is the third part of a series examining the Liberal Party of Australia. Part 1 covers the party’s climate change denial and intention to abolish various existing climate policies. Part 2 examines the climate policies they promise to introduce. This part defends them against incorrect criticisms of their climate policies. To use language which …

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Jan 11 2013

Liberals Part 1: Climate denial and deregulation

Almost all of my posts to date have focused on criticizing Australia’s incumbent Labor government. I have written very little about the alternate Liberal/National Coalition government. But as we enter an election year, it is time to examine the Liberals’ policies. Can the Liberals be trusted? To begin with, it is worth noting that the …

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Oct 12 2012

Reflections on carbon price amendments

Yesterday the Australian House of Representatives passed amendments to the carbon price. I’ve already posted my initial reactions to their content; here are some more thoughts based on further reflection, loosely organized by issue. Background Legislated last year after extensive negotiations between the Labor government, Greens, and independents, the carbon price is presently a $23 …

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Sep 04 2012

Australian climate policy: 10 revealing graphics

I’ve written a great deal about the holes in Australian (and global) climate policy. As such discussions can get very complex and confusing, I decided it was time to try a more visual format for a change. The following graphics dramatically illustrate just how ineffective the Gillard government’s climate change policy is. 1) We’re heading …

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Aug 28 2012

Unclear implications from EU carbon link

The rumor I blogged about last week is no longer a rumor. Australian Climate Change Minister Greg Combet today announced the Government has done a deal, approved by Cabinet, with the European Commission, independent Rob Oakeshott, and the Greens. They agreed a number of changes to Australia’s emissions trading scheme (ETS, which will succeed the …

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Aug 21 2012

What would rumored carbon tax changes mean?

It is rumored in the newspapers that the Australian Government is considering certain changes to its carbon price. I have been mulling over this for ten days because it’s difficult to assess the overall implications of an unconfirmed proposal lacking full details, and I have mixed feelings as some aspects of the rumored proposals are …

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Jun 27 2012

Climate Change Authority board members conflicted

At least two members of the recently announced board of the Climate Change Authority have conflicts of interest. The new independent Climate Change Authority will regularly review Australia’s climate policies. Its first job will be to review the Renewable Energy Target later this year. The Authority’s most important task will be, in February 2014, to …

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Apr 03 2012

Labor should ignore business lobby’s whining

Yesterday, ABC Breakfast host Fran Kelly berated Climate Change Minister Greg Combet for not accepting the ridiculous complaint by business that Australia’s carbon price is somehow “too high”. This is the fossil fuel lobby’s latest excuse, an argument they have been making for months now. Credit where it’s due: I am pleased to say Labor …

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