Does Abbott have a point on invisible carbon?

In this post I do something I very rarely do: agree with Tony Abbott, leader of the (conservative) Liberal Party of Australia. Regular readers may be wondering if I have gone crazy, but bear with me for a moment. I don’t believe anything the Liberals say is particularly sincere; it’s more that a stopped clock …

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Is it time to abandon emissions trading?

Yesterday the European Parliament voted down a European Commission proposal to postpone the auction of 900 million permits for the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) from 2013-2015 until 2019-2020 (called “backloading”). The proposal was predictably opposed by Poland and other eastern European countries, and unfortunately also met resistance from conservative forces within some …

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Reflections on carbon price amendments

Yesterday the Australian House of Representatives passed amendments to the carbon price. I’ve already posted my initial reactions to their content; here are some more thoughts based on further reflection, loosely organized by issue. Background Legislated last year after extensive negotiations between the Labor government, Greens, and independents, the carbon price is presently a $23 …

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