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Politicians right to rebuff business lobby’s scheming

Yesterday the Australian Industry Group (AIG) called for “all sides of politics to support the immediate removal of the fixed price carbon tax and move directly to an internationally linked emissions trading scheme”. A transition to an emissions trading scheme (ETS) is currently scheduled for 2015. AIG CEO Innes Willox wants Labor to make the …

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Unclear implications from EU carbon link

The rumor I blogged about last week is no longer a rumor. Australian Climate Change Minister Greg Combet today announced the Government has done a deal, approved by Cabinet, with the European Commission, independent Rob Oakeshott, and the Greens. They agreed a number of changes to Australia’s emissions trading scheme (ETS, which will succeed the …

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What would rumored carbon tax changes mean?

It is rumored in the newspapers that the Australian Government is considering certain changes to its carbon price. I have been mulling over this for ten days because it’s difficult to assess the overall implications of an unconfirmed proposal lacking full details, and I have mixed feelings as some aspects of the rumored proposals are …

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