Roundup of petitions to Abbott government

Australia’s new Liberal/National Coalition government, led by Tony Abbott, is claiming a mandate for its promises to tear down the Australian climate policy regime. If you don’t support this program of demolition, then tell him about it! Consider signing the following petitions:

Let’s show Tony Abbott the Australian people do want action on climate change.

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  1. I think Tony Abbott knows perfectly well that a bit under half of voters did not vote for him.

    He also knows that these issues were put to the electorate and the majority supported him.

    So I can’t see the point of any of these partitions.

    So rather than feel-good but time-wasting partitions, those who care should devote their energies to trying to convince voters that both major parties don’t care about climate change nor the environment, and thus they should not vote for a major party next election.

    Until then, we get what we the people were stupid enough to vote for.

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