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Bust the budget

I’ve marched with tens of thousands of Australians against the Abbott government’s first budget. Why are we so angry? Because this budget continues Abbott’s agenda of protecting the rich, the privileged, and the powerful, at the expense of the poor, disadvantaged, and powerless.

I set out a comprehensive argument against the budget in this series of posts:

  1. Bust the budget to avert a less equal Australia (summarizing the budget’s overall unfairness and debunking the justification offered for this agenda)
  2. Fossil fuel profits over fixing climate reality (examining how the budget affects climate, environment, fossil fuel subsidies, business, and science)
  3. Federalism over education and health(examining how the budget affects the federation, education, and health)
  4. Low wages over welfare state (examining how it affects welfare, industrial relations, and the size of government)
  5. Lies and outrage (discussing the government’s lies, the outraged reaction to the budget, and how it might be defeated)

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