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Liberals election policies 2013

Almost all of my posts before 2013 focused on criticizing Australia’s (then-)incumbent Labor government. But as we entered the election year 2013, I decided it was time to write this series examining the policies of the alternate Liberal/National Coalition government (now in power):

  1. Climate denial and deregulation (covering the party’s climate change denial and intention to abolish various existing climate policies)
  2. Their “Direct Action” is neither (examining the climate policies they promise to introduce)
  3. False crimes of a climate crook (defending them against incorrect criticisms of their climate policies)
  4. Australia has a legitimate government (debunking their allegations that the incumbent government is illegitimate)
  5. Are they hiding a radical agenda? (arguing they are hiding a radical agenda of deregulation and austerity)

Closer to the election I wrote the following posts:

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