Skeptical Science

In addition to this blog, I have also written for another climate blog called Skeptical Science, the core of which is a comprehensive database of rebuttals to the arguments of global warming “skeptics” (at last count it included rebuttals to no less than 173 arguments). Here are the links to all the posts I have written for Skeptical Science:

The empirical evidence that humans are causing global warming

Is climate science settled? Especially the important parts?

Plain english rebuttal to ‘Global warming isn’t happening’ argument

Do the IPCC use alarmist language?

Increasing southern sea ice

The Fake Scandal of Climategate

Climategate: Tampering with Temperatures?

Climategate: Hiding the Decline?

Climategate: Perverting Peer Review?

Climategate: Keeping Skeptics Out of the IPCC?

Climategate: Impeding Information Requests?

Monckton Myth #6: Global Sea Ice

2010: A Year of Record Warmth and Weird Weather

A basic overview of melting ice around the globe

Climate Emergency: Time to Slam on the Brakes

Zero Carbon Australia: We can do it

Christy Crock #4: Do the observations match the models?

Climate sensitivity: feedbacks anyone?

Is Greenland close to a climate tipping point?

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