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Bust the budget 2: Fossil fuel profits over fixing climate reality

This is the second part of a series arguing against the Abbott government’s first budget. Part 1 summarizes the overall unfairness and debunks the justification offered for this agenda. This part examines how the budget affects climate, environment, fossil fuel subsidies, business, and science. Unless otherwise hyperlinked, budget facts are sourced from either Joe Hockey’s …

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The greatest greenwash of our generation

Newly reinstated Australian Labor Party leader and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has today demonstrated yet again that he is the worst type of climate change denier: a skilled greenwasher. In 2007, Rudd rightly told the National Climate Change Summit: Climate change is the great moral challenge of our generation.  Climate change is not just an …

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It’s still the climate, stupid

The Australian Labor government has yet again ignored climate change in its latest budget. Treasury’s forecast for the Australian carbon price in 2015 (when it is scheduled to become an internationally-linked emissions trading scheme or ETS) has been revised downward from $29/tonne to $12.10/tonne, a belated implicit admission that its decision to link to the …

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